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A home’s guttering is a lot more important to the structure than many homeowners realize. In fact, when guttering becomes clogged, loose or damaged, it can eventually cause much more serious issues with your home. These issues include roof leaks, deterioration of the home’s foundation, basement leaks and more.

Let’s take a quick 2-question quiz:

True or false: Properly installed guttering, when regularly cleaned of leaves and debris, should not hold water.

True or false: Guttering should not leak at the seams and/or corners.

If you answered true to either of these statements, great job! You’ll know when there’s an issue with your guttering. These issues can cause much more serious damage to your home if not recognized and repaired, so be sure to give Roof-Tech of Oklahoma a call if you have noticed any of these problems.

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Damaged Guttering

Minor to major damage to guttering can occur due to heavy winds, heavy snowfall, heavy ice, falling debris from trees or even children at play. When your guttering has been damaged, you should always ensure that you contact an experienced professional to handle your gutter repair or replacement. An experienced guttering specialist can ensure that your guttering is correctly installed and angled, that downspouts are properly attached and freely flowing, and that the seams are flawless.

Here at Roof-Tech of Oklahoma, we will be happy to inspect your current guttering to ensure that it is properly installed, draining properly (away from your home) and free of damage.

Give us a call today at (405)408-2616 to discuss your guttering needs or concerns today!

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